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Our values


Cohesion is in everyone's mind, whether they are an employee, supplier or partner. It is reflected in our know-how, in our behaviour and in our exchanges, for a sustainable and healthy working environment. All of our ideas and projects converge towards the same goal for results that meet the expected objectives. We have chosen this work dynamic in order to always be able to outdo ourselves.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategic decisions and our daily actions to successfully implement our projects. It is the result of meticulous work based on availability and attentive listening. It values the work of our staff and underlines the respect of our commitments and our promises to make your stays powerful, magical, and unforgettable moments.


Our services are based on the effectiveness and efficiency of our teams. In defining our objectives, we strive first and foremost for the realisation of your dreams, but above all for excellence. Our teams work on new and innovative ideas to create that "wow" effect during your trip. Our ability to adapt is the key to our success. Our goal is your personal fulfilment and complete satisfaction.


The creativity of our teams is drawn from exchanges and reflections with our suppliers and partners to offer you a unique experience beyond your expectations. Our creativity is to add life to life, to propose a palette of colours that is specific to your desires. It is our personal and professional standards that challenge us in each of our projects to thrill you and make you dream. This is the DNA of Pacha Event ... offering you a unique experience is the responsibility of all of us.


The experience we offer in our different packages is incomparable and distinctive. The expertise and integrity of our teams ensure that our commitments are respected in our dealings with you; a personalised service to guarantee quality and authenticity in all our services. The experience, based on luxury and originality, is at the very core of our brand image.


Respect for our commitments and our promise to you, as well as respect between colleagues and partners, is essential and constitutes the foundation of all our relationships. It is made possible by good communication, attentive listening, availability and flexibility in all our exchanges. Among our commitments, we take pride in supporting local populations, respecting the environment and positioning ourselves as a committed stakeholder in the development of local tourism.