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Pacha Event is constituted of a team of professionals motivated by their passion and their love of the profession. Each team member is recruited for his or her know-how, expertise and ability to make themselves available according to your wishes. In addition, special attention is paid to your requirements in order to offer you an experience exceeding your expectations. Each collaborator is a methodical perfectionist, driven by rigour and a keen sense of observation leaving nothing to chance.
Our credo: creativity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. We assist you step by step in the realisation of your event with the aim of creating exceptional and unforgettable moments. The most important of all is to see a smile on your face during the whole stay.
Our partners and suppliers are carefully selected to offer you the best of themselves to make your journey a unique and unparalleled experience. Pacha Event supports the local population and invites you to meet people with a great history, warm-hearted locals, friendly faces eager to welcome you and help you discover the most extraordinary places in and around Marrakech.


  • Organisation of exclusive and memorable events
  • Chauffeur-driven transfers in limousine, carriage or vintage car
  • Accommodation in prestigious villas, kasbahs filled with secrets or renowned palaces
  • Refined catering for exceptional gastronomic experiences
  • Activities combining authenticity and modernity, blending art, culture, heritage, nature, sport, well-being and many other surprises
  • Entertainment with glamour and panache
  • State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and materials
  • Decoration concept, scenography, lighting and sound, musical atmosphere, artistic programming, etc.

Deputy General Director

Stéphan Pétry


+33 7.600.70.200


Scandinavia Sales Manager

In its quest for international development, Pacha Event expands its know-how to Scandinavian countries and announces the opening of its annex in Sweden: Pacha Event Sweden AB.

Pacha Event Sweden AB aims to offer clients an experience as close as possible to their own definition of satisfaction, in tune with the cultural specificities of the Nordic countries while combining the best of both worlds. Thus, Pacha Event is partnering with Jaouad Najib, a Moroccan-Swedish international business consultant, perfectly Moroccan and Swedish.

With an experience of more than 38 years in the hotel and restaurant sector, Jaouad Najib's successful career is built on his multi-skilled and creative work, but above all on his extensive international business network.

Over the years, Jaouad Najib has been a member of the cosmopolitan Executive Committee of the Swedish International Business Network under the supervision of Mrs. Ewa Björling -Minister of Foreign Trade- and the department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus confirming his desire to support and contribute with his expertise in international relations between Scandinavia and Morocco.

Pacha Event Sweden AB accompanies, guides, organizes and ensures via Jaouad Najib and his team the continuity of a service offer beyond your expectations, in Morocco as well as in Sweden.

Through this expansion, Pacha Event is establishing the foundations of its opening to the world and cementing its position as an innovative player in national and international tourism development.

Jaouad Najib

Pacha Event Sweden



Public Relations

With a background in events and a lifelong passion for the world of the media and the press as well as for a continuously evolving sector, Bouchra KIBBOU, public relations expert based in Paris, seeks to communicate on a daily basis through various channels of communication in order to provide creativity and originality to those in need. Bouchra is a dynamic woman always meeting great personalities at prestigious national and international events from the worlds of fashion, art, culture, gastronomy and sports...she is passionate about capturing beautiful portraits of influential people and sharing their stories and journeys to inspire her community.

Delivering the most appropriate messages with top-quality visuals to make a lasting impression and to use digital marketing as a formidable communication tool for those who want a tailor-made solution is the daily challenge that Bouchra KIBBOU enjoys taking up: to highlight targeted messages based on her influence strategy and her incredible network in Paris/London and other major capitals of the world.

This allows her to work on a daily basis on product placement, tailor made events' organisation, management of VIPs and influencers.

She aims to enhance the expertise of those who consult her thus significantly increasing the impact of their images and their "Aura".

Founder of BELUXEMAGAZINE, a digital magazine on lifestyle and the latest trends, she takes great pleasure in helping people discover the current top-level selections (www.beluxemagazine.com). She is an essential and privileged partner of Pacha Event to highlight and enhance your events.

Bouchra KIBBOU

Public Relations



Scenographers and Decorators






Biography, a bit of history

Marie is from the generation of notebooks and pencils, from the debuts at the Beaux-Arts in Aix-en-Provence. Art for art's sake was not enough for her, she wanted to create something useful, and so she joined the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design in Geneva, specialising in Interior Design. It was finally clear to her that this would be her lifelong vocation.

In 1981, she started her career with a renowned Interior Designer and Master Woodworker. She learns all the techniques and taste, the two fundamental pillars of her profession. Her art, her talent, "proportion". In 1991, she created her first company near Geneva. Fate brought her to Morocco, which she had discovered in 1975, and Marrakech became her home town.

In 2011, she created her company "made in Diva" in Marrakech where she positioned her brand as an interior provocateur breaking the prevailing trend.

Morgane LLORET

Biography, the story goes on

Morgane, Marie's daughter, has followed the path of her mother. She grew up surrounded by luxury fabrics and sketches, and wandering around Marie's construction sites and sets. Also student of the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design in Geneva. Simultaneously, she accompanies her mother in the real world. In 2011, she hit the road, quite naturally, and moved to Marrakech with her.

She represents the new generation with her creativity, her accuracy and her atypical originality.

She has taken on the spirit of made in Diva. Morgane Lloret has undoubtedly inherited the M chromosome. Her position as Alter Ego ensures the longevity of the company.

The osmosis of two generations blending together.

"They are connected - when one gives the note, the other writes the song to sing it together and offer it to the clients of Pacha Event."

MARIE LLORET / marie@pachaevent.com
MORGANE LLORET / morgane@pachaevent.com

Philosophy " Interior Provocateur ".

We only have one style, the one conveyed to us by the client and his place.
Our indelible "imprint" is focused on aesthetic recovery.

We are " Interior Provocateurs ".

Our projects are not our love stories, they are our clients'.

Our duty is to make them "Unique".

Scenographer " Moment Provocateur ".

Marie and Morgane bring a theatrical aspect to the setting. The ephemeral has entered their lives without warning...

With a pronounced taste for "the beautiful reception", Marie ventured into decor and atmospheric evenings. Stage designs for theatre groups or charities were her first playgrounds. Spotted for her atypical style, her first professional soirée was unforgettable... The Unicef Gala dinner in Geneva. A new opportunity had emerged.

Then the sets follow one another in France ... among others

In Morocco, the evenings are grandiose... as well.

Made in Diva conducts festive moments always keeping in mind their motto: "proportion".

Both as an event and as an interior designer, their scenography takes up all their space, their freedom and their particularity are the secret behind their décor, and their artistic and musical animations add the final touch.
"Made in Diva" sets up the Imaginary, to transform your Virtual Place into a World rich in decors, music, artists and unbelievably atypical settings both moving and emotionally touching... Ephemeral for an evening, here or there... Villa, Riad or palace, beach or boat, theatre or dance-floor, or a reception room in all simplicity...


Made in Diva has joined Pacha Event to bring together actors and guests in a perfect world of decorum...

Love for details, Wonder for the eyes and organoleptic taste buds....
Our Universe is simply Your "ephemeral" but absolute pleasure ....

Marie & Morgane LLORET

Scenographers and Decorators